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Stress is a normal body reaction to high-demand situations. Though designed to protect you in life-threatening situations, more and more people are struggling with chronic stress from the demands of their daily lives. Chronic stress affects many aspects of your health, including your weight. Board-certified obesity medicine specialist Debra Salter, MD, at Why Weight provides stress reduction and stress management tools that help you gain control over your health and your weight. To schedule a consultation, call the office in Littleton, Colorado, or book online today.

Stress Q & A

What is stress?

Stress is an anxious feeling that may affect your emotional or physical health. You may feel stress from a situation or thought that makes you angry, frustrated, nervous, or excited. 

During stressful situations, your body releases hormones that heighten your senses and improve your body’s response to the stress. In acute situations, stress is good.

Unfortunately, many people experience stress on a regular basis from their job, family, or social life. Ongoing stress negatively affects your health and increases your risk of developing chronic health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Chronic stress also affects your weight.

How does stress affect weight?

When under stress, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which increases your energy levels and decreases your appetite to help you through the “fight or flight” situation. 

Once your stress is gone, your body then triggers your hunger hormones to replenish the energy you used to deal with the stress.

When struggling with chronic stress, your body goes through the same process. However, chronic stress doesn’t burn energy like acute stress, but it does trigger your hunger hormones, which may cause you to eat more calories than your body needs. 

Many people struggling with chronic stress also turn to food as a coping mechanism. 

What happens during a stress consultation?

Dr. Salter understands the connection between stress and weight, and you can expect a thorough exam when you come in to see her for a stress consultation at Why Weight.

During your evaluation, Dr. Salter asks detailed questions about your daily habits, your routine, and the areas of your life you find stressful. She also reviews your usual diet and your exercise habits, and performs a physical exam.

To better understand your overall health and wellness, she also runs comprehensive lab testing.

How can I manage my stress?

Dr. Salter develops a personalized stress reduction and management plan for you based on the information gathered during your evaluation. 

Your tailor-made plan to reduce and manage stress may include:

  • A healthy diet program
  • A personalized exercise plan
  • Wellness, behavioral, and life coaching
  • Nutritional and vitamin supplements

She also spends time helping you with your time management. Many people with chronic stress feel overwhelmed because they take on more than they can handle. 

With time management, you learn how to schedule your day to minimize unnecessary stress and optimize your health and wellness.

To schedule your stress consultation, call Why Weight or book your visit online today.