Stephen Hood

Personal Trainer located in Littleton, CO

About Stephen Hood

A University at Buffalo graduate and former Navy Diving Medical Technician, I now specialize in finding exercise solutions for people who are trying to shed some weight and/or improve their overall health and wellbeing. As a Corpsman and Navy Diver I was fortunate to work and train alongside many amazing people in some of the top US military Special Operation’s units.  The values I learned there, I now carry to my clients through my commitment to understanding their needs and goals and my sense of duty towards helping them to achieve those goals in a safe manner. I approach every interaction with honesty, integrity and my client’s best interests at heart. I am passionate about educating my clients throughout every step of the process with clear, concise, and easy to understand explanations and demonstrations, so they can make the most out of every training session. While I am knowledgeable and hardworking, at the end of the day when it is all said and done, I genuinely care about you the client and your well-being.

Payment Information

Patient visits are coded and a super bill is provided that can be turned in to insurance for possible reimbursement. Labs are billed to insurance by labs.