Karen Shrum, NTM

Nutritionist located in Littleton, CO

About Karen Shrum, NTM

Karen Shrum holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Nutrition Therapy Institute and a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University. Through customized nutrition therapy, Karen guides those navigating health conditions back to improved quality of life.

After watching family and friends battle cancer, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disorders, obesity and other diseases, she set out determined to find a better way. Through God’s guiding hand, she discovered that food can be medicine, and became a Nutrition Therapy Master. Taking Hippocrates’ belief that all disease begins in the gut, Karen takes a science and research-based approach to analyzing gut health, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances that prevent others from improving their health.

Karen has called Colorado home since 1994 and now resides in Littleton with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, volunteering and living out her favorite motto: Life’s Too Short To Eat Bad Food.

Payment Information

Patient visits are coded and a super bill is provided that can be turned in to insurance for possible reimbursement. Labs are billed to insurance by labs.