Why Weight, LLC

 Medically guided weight loss and wellness

Meet Our Staff

Debra Salter, M.D.

Debra Salter, M.D. is one of four physicians with an active certification in Obesity Medicine in the State of Colorado.  After 30 plus years as a Board Certified Family Medicine and ER physician, Dr. Salter followed her passions and opened her 5 star rated Obesity and Metabolism Center, Why Weight, LLC.  Located in Littleton, CO, she draws patients locally and internationally. 

Debra was born and raised in Albuquerque and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the CU Boulder. Dr. Salter has been in medical practice since the completion of her medical degree and Family Medicine Residency at SUNY Buffalo Medical School, in Buffalo, NY. Throughout her career Dr. Salter has gravitated toward mentoring and leadership positions. She has served as Clinical Professor for FM Residency in Grand Junction as a Urgent Care Medical Director for the state of Colorado, as a member of the Medical Board of Directors for Community Hospital and served on the Nutritional Counsel on Obesity.  She is a published clinical researcher, and is currently active with projects related to obesity, genetics, and metabolic disorders.

Debra has been married for 38 years, has three children, two dogs, and lives in Indian Hills, CO.  She plays flute and sings in a Celtic band with her husband.  She has co-authored a fictional novel, a children’s book, and medical education booklets. She loves to quilt, hike, camp, and mountain climb.

Kris Daza-Taylor, MA, RYT

Kris Daza-Taylor is Why Weight's Clinical Educator and Counselor. Her passion for understanding the "whys" behind what we do led her to complete a Master's of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology. The focus of her Master’s Thesis was disordered eating patterns and body image in athletes. She has served as a clinical therapist, program coordinator, clinical educator, health promotion technician and has been involved in multiple clinical and imaging research studies throughout her clinical career. 

Kris has personally experienced how excess weight can affect one's self-esteem, health, motivation, and love for life. After gaining a significant amount of weight during graduate school, Kris embarked on her own personal weight loss journey. At the age of 35 she trained, competed and metaled in her first triathlon. She has gone forward with her passion for fitness and wellness to receive her Personal Training Certification and Yoga Teacher Certification. Kris has also been featured within Yoga Journal's Yoga Around the World online article.

Before joining the Why Weight team, Kris worked within the U.S. Army community promoting health, wellness, fitness, general nutrition and education to soldiers, family members, retirees, and civilians. She has developed personalized behavior, weight loss, fitness, wellness, and stress reduction programs for people from all walks of life and truly believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Denise is our office administrator and has been with the Why Weight Team for the last three years. Denise's customer service skills are unparalleled, and she strives to provide excellence in service to all of our patients.

Anne is our billing and purchasing manager, and possesses a bachelor's degree in biology from CU Boulder. Anne performs front office duties as well as medical tasks as needed. Anne's gentle and warm personality offer a welcoming touch for our patients.

Lorraine is our marketing associate with a master’s degree in marketing and public relations. She is excited about promoting our clinic and services. Lorraine also knows the ins and outs of the clinic and is happy to help wherever needed.

Brittany is an EMT Firefighter and a clinical volunteer at Why Weight. Having lost a total of 230 pounds from her maximum weight, Brittany relates to the weight struggles of our patients. Her zest for life and positive attitude serve our patients well on their weight loss and health journey.

Carrie has worked in health care for the last 20 years. Her friendly demeanor, knowledge, and professionalism make her an integral part of the Why Weight Team.   

Christine has a passion for teaching fitness classes, she loves Zumba and stretching. Christine also enjoys challenging herself with Tae Kwan Do.