Why Weight, LLC

 Medically guided weight loss and wellness

What makes Why Weight different from other programs? 

1. At Why Weight, we focus on simplifying and streamlining the weight loss process for you. We do the hard work to ease your burden and ensure your success.

2. Our providers will guide you every step of the way by overseeing your progress and assisting when you plateau. No one plan works forever. We provide a dynamic prescription that is changed as your needs change during your journey.

3. By taking an individual approach with all of our patients, our providers are able to take into consideration your current health status, lifestyle, eating patterns and preferences, attitude, goals, energy levels, stressors, and previous obstacles to success.

4. We scientifically measure your resting metabolic rate to determine if your metabolism is holding you back. If it is, we help to supercharge your metabolism.

5. Why Weight avoids the trap of focusing solely on your weight. We evaluate your underlying medical issues, consider the role of inflammation and use specialized blood tests to fine tune your personalized program.  We also evaluate your percentage of body fat, hydration levels, and percentage of lean mass. This allows us to develop a comprehensive strategy for weight reduction and allows you to concentrate your efforts on your wellness and weight reduction journey. 

6. With extensive understanding of nutrition, supplements and prescription medications our practitioners will further customize your wellness and weight reduction program to ensure you are utilizing safe and effective tools on your journey. We will put our extensive medical training to work in deciding what is really safe, effective, and right for you.

7. We provide you with practical and sustainable eating strategies while teaching you about general nutrition. We do not expect our patients to eat costly, prepackaged, or vitamin depleted foods. Our philosophy is to help you to embrace new attitudes and beliefs about your nutritional needs that will last you a lifetime.

8. Why Weight also addresses the underlying behavioral and lifestyle choices that have sabotaged your weight loss efforts in the past. We will teach you how to recognize and change self sabotaging beliefs and behaviors so that you are able to not only achieve your goals, but maintain them in the future. 

9. Our professionals will also assess your daily activity levels, structured exercise habits, physical injuries and/or limitations and teach you how to incorporate movement into your daily routine. We take into account your busy schedule, likes and dislikes and formulate movement plans that will work within your lifestyle. Our wellness professionals are also able to assist you in alleviating chronic pain due to injuries or repetitive movement patterns, which may be holding you back from being physically active.

10. Our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/whyweightcolorado offers challenges for our participants who wish to accept them, and food suggestions and recipes to try. In addition, as a participant, you can share with others going through the same process to gain support you may lack in your current circle of friends and family or to enhance the support you already have. You can anonymously or openly post successes or frustrations and ask for, or offer, support and information. Share before and progress photos if you choose. Why Weight Colorado manages the site for you but allow you use it to enhance your journey.


Together we will ensure your success.